Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Christians Cannot Vote For Obama In 2012

Here is a list of reasons why Christians cannot vote for President Obama. If Obama and the Democrats want to bring up abortion, then let us look at their record.              
  1. Time To Confront Pro-Choice Christians Who Are Disobeying Jesus
  2. Liberalism Oppresses The Fatherless With Abortion And Infanticide
  3. Happy Nazis At Auschwitz Are Like Abortionists Doing Sacred Work
  4. Remember, President Obama Is A Pro-Abortion Absolutist (Video)
  5. Obama’s Tolerance Of Infanticide Is Why You Should Oppose ObamaCare
  6. Who Lies About The Unborn And Women’s Health? Planned Parenthood Not CPC’s
  7. Planned Parenthood In New York Covers Up Underage Child Abuse (Video)
  8. Obama Promises To Force The Contraception Mandate On The Faithful
  9. #1is2many: White House Message On Sexual Violence Against Women Fails Since Let Abortion Cover Up Abuse (Video)
  10. Manasseh: The Only Biblical King That Obama Ought To Be Compared To