Sunday, September 9, 2012

UK's Health Care System Tolerates Infanticide; ObamaCare To Make It A Reality In America

What will the future of American health care be like if President Obama is re-elected and ObamaCare is never repealed? The United Kingdom has the answer and our infanticide tolerating President is seeking policies that will duplicate this evil. From Life News:
British doctors are coming under fire for letting an unborn child born just before 22 weeks of pregnancy die. The National health Service, the government-run health system that Congress may replicate in legislation in the United States, is blamed for guidelines disallowing treatment. Sarah Capewell begged physicians to save the life of her tiny son, whom she planned to name Jayden, but they said national guidelines preventing treatment on newborns born so early prevented them from caring for him. Capewell told the London Daily Mail newspaper that doctors refused to see her son, who lived almost two hours on his own without any medical support before dying. She said Jayden (pictured above right) was breathing on his own without any medical assistance and was moving his arms and legs, but medical staff refused to transfer him to a neonatal intensive care unit. The newspaper indicated Capewell said medical staff told her they would have been able to treat her son had he been born two days later. The Nuffield Council drew up the guidelines that are not mandatory but followed closely by doctors and medical workers. The guidelines are based on the belief that unborn children born so early in pregnancy have very little chance of surviving and that any medical care and treatment is futile and a waste of money and resources. "When he was born, he put out his arms and legs and pushed himself over," she told the newspaper. "I kept asking for the doctors but the midwife said, "They won’t come and help, sweetie. Make the best of the time you have with him.’" Doctors told Capewell to treat the birth as a miscarriage and she was forced to endure having a chaplain tell her about funerals and bereavement even as she tried to get medical care for her baby. The mother, who has one daughter but also five miscarriages and was hoping for the baby, told the Daily Mail, "I was sitting there, reading this leaflet about planning a funeral and thinking, this is my baby, he isn’t even born yet, let alone dead." After learning that an unborn child had survived at an earlier stage of pregnancy in the United States and that the baby received stellar medical care, Capewell is launching a new bid to change the laws and guidelines in England. ”I could not believe that one little girl, Amillia Taylor, is perfectly healthy after being born in Florida in 2006 at 21 weeks and six days," she said. "Thousands of women have experienced this. The doctors say the babies won’t survive but how do they know if they are not giving them a chance?" Labour MP Tony Wright is reportedly backing her bid to change the laws and guidelines...
So much for Liberalism looking out for "the least of these". This is what happens when a society and government abandons the idea that we are created in the image of God and have inherent value because of it. Once we adopt a view that our rights and value come from the State, this is what follows. Cross posted at Blue Collar Philosophy.