Sunday, July 20, 2008

Time To Stop Funding Planned Parenthood

Senator John McCain finds himself in the political sights of Planned Parenthood.

I do not want to get into the details of the attack ad but focus more on the conflict about the funding of this organization. This organization receives tax dollars and yet is attacking not only the current President but potentially the next President as well. One needs to ask whether or not Planned Parenthood (PP) truly needs federal funding of around $330 million a year when their total budget is $1 billion? Why would the government fund an organization that uses those same funds to attack it? The answer is that the government ought to stop funding (PP).

What is even more troubling about (PP) is their intolerance of other organizations that provide health care services to women but not from a radical pro-abortion point of view. Just read from their website to see their disdain for any alternatives to themselves. And this comes from a sight for teenagers, the same information can be found from the main (PP) web page.

It seems quite absurd for (PP) to attack the alternatives to themselves as politically motivated and manipulating women with false information and deceptive videos while maintaining their own position as altruistic and objective. How stupid do they think we are. There sole purpose for existing seems to be about aborting unborn boys and girls while using the general term "health care provider" to mask that agenda. Let us also not forget the (PP) was starting by Nazi sympathizer Margaret Sanger.

I think great impact could be made in reducing the number of abortions by taking that $330 million and spreading out to all to the Crisis Pregnancy Centers across the country and like the one this blog sight is trying to help. Those alternative videos and information that is shown by these dedicated women and men are telling pregnant women what you do not want them to hear. What is so dangerous about allowing the alternative to be heard? Is it that (PP) is more concerned about making money by killing unborn boys and girls then giving out all the facts? Probably so. In any case please help these good alternative clinics keep doing what they are doing by lending your support financial and otherwise until we can end the funding of (PP).