Wednesday, July 23, 2008

The Fear Mongering of Abortion Absolutists

It seems more and more apparent that the radical pro-choice contingent in America is intolerant of any view that questions abortion on demand. A recent law passed in South Dakota has brought the wrath of abortion absolutists down on this tiny state. And what was this great sin against the abortion absolutist orthodoxy? It is just informing pregnant mothers about what abortion actually does and the possible side effects they might not have thought about.

The two quotes cited are quite telling. First, that doctors have to tell pregnant mothers "that the abortion will terminate the life of a whole, separate, unique, living human being" and second, "Women also would have to be told they have a right to continue a pregnancy and that abortion may cause them psychological harm, including thoughts of suicide." The state of South Dakota is attacked for mandating that false information be told to expectant mothers.

It is interesting that they attack this policy as advancing "false information". I think they are more upset that the other side of the argument is being heard. If abortion does not terminate life, what exactly does it do? Remove a cancerous growth? Is not the unborn boy and girl a separate individual just spatially located inside his or her mother until birth? Could they seriously be questioning if there is actually a human being inside the mother?

As to the second objection. When ever studies come out dealing with controversial issues there are arguments for both sides. Abortion absolutists do not want the other side of the argument to be allowed to make its way to the pregnant mother. This must be because they are more concerned about ensuring women "choose" to kill their unborn boy or girl then looking at the matter more objectively. Isn't real choice the result of having all the facts and making a decision based on looking at both sides of the issue? I guess the "pro-choice" side of abortion rights doesn't really want pregnant mother's to make real choices.