Wednesday, July 16, 2008

The Feministing Blogs Get It Wrong On Personhood

The rhetoric of the blogs on "" are precisely that, mere rhetoric. The bloggers are woefully prepared to deal with the important issues of the abortion debate. The main one revolves around human personhood. They attack any attempt to define the status of the unborn in terms of personhood, yet provide absolutely no alternative explanation. See the following link...

If human personhood does not begin at conception it will be virtually impossible to say when it does begin and when it ends. One cannot deny the science that shows us life begins at the moment of conception. Just because the unborn baby is depending upon his or her mother during development in the womb, it does not mean that such a dependency overrides the identity and value of the unborn baby. What is in fact so "magical" after birth that suddenly the baby has personhood? The only substantive thing that has changed is the location of the baby, now the newborn boy or girl is still dependent on the mother.

To reject complete personhood at the moment of conception is to leave such a notion void of meaning and subjectively determined by whims. The same arguments that can justify abortion on demand even up to the moment of delivery are arguments that attack the personhood of us all. The radical "pro-choice" ideologues are basing many of their assumptions from the "Dark Ages" of prenatal medicine prior to the 1970's. It is time they adjust their position to the medical advances of the past 30 years and the wealth of philosophical arguments about what it means to be a human person.