Saturday, July 12, 2008

Introducing Myself

There comes a time in one's life where a decision must be made. The decision I was forced with was whether or not to remain on the side lines doing practically nothing, or to jump into the mix and get involved. Becoming a father with the birth of my daughter, who will be turning 2 in August, I realized that I could no longer merely oppose abortion with just my voting for pro-life politicians, I had to get active.

Even though there has been some recent gains in the pro-life movement with the passage of bans on "partial birth" abortions that were upheld by the Supreme Court, and a federal law protecting all babies born alive. There are serious challenges to keep those gains from slipping away.

Current events may shape some of the blogs you will read as it is going to be a hotly contested election year. Regardless of that, the personhood/humanity of the unborn is in need of constant defense as is the need to dismantle the arguments that justify abortion for any rhyme or reason, and from the logical slip into outright infanticide which may not be that far away.

This issue is by no means going to be laid to rest anytime soon, so let us work together to make a difference for the unborn boys and girls who are under assault on a daily basis.