Thursday, June 16, 2011

Pro-Life Billboard Campaign Compares Abortion To Slavery

Another hard hitting and desperately needed pro-life billboard campaign is kicking off. This one compares abortion to slavery, and rightly so. From Life News:

A black pro-life activist responsible for creating earlier billboard campaigns that drew national attention is back with a new creative and a new message for how the abortion industry targets black Americans: “Abortion Enslaves Us.”

That’s the message behind a series of billboards that will go up in the Atlanta, Georgia area sponsored by the Radiance Foundation and celebrating Juneteenth (June 19th) and the liberation of black Americans from the shackles of slavery. Ryan Bomberger, the head of the foundation says the billboards are meant to “expose the epidemic of abortion” and 50 of them will be place in metro and downtown Atlanta.

The billboards declare: “The 13th Amendment Freed Us. Abortion Enslaves Us.”

“The campaign invokes the Reconstruction Amendments and the abortion industry’s dependence upon certain persons being classified as property,” Bomberger explains. “The landmark Roe v. Wade decision relied upon the perversion of the 14th Amendment, which finally ascribed full humanity to African-Americans, to justify stripping humanity from another group of individuals — the unborn.”

“In NYC, where Planned Parenthood is headquartered, this dehumanization results in the abortion of 60% of all black pregnancies. Here in Georgia, nearly 60% of all abortions are on African-Americans,” Bomberger continued.

Bomberger, an African-American adoptee and an adoptive father who promotes self-control, responsibility, and individual purpose, wants “to expose Planned Parenthood’s pro-abortion propaganda”

“Roe v. Wade has made a mockery of Civil Rights history by offering destruction and bondage instead of possibility and freedom. There is no freedom in the mass exodus of fathers in the black community. There is no freedom in the poverty perpetuated by abortion. There is no freedom in using death as a solution to Life,” Bomberger says...
The evil of abortion can not only be compared to slavery but also to the Holocaust.