Thursday, June 23, 2011

New Hampshire Passes Parental Notification Law In Spite Of Veto

Great news coming out of New Hampshire as state legislatures have passed a parental notification law in spite of the Governor's veto. From Life News:
The New Hampshire state legislature on Wednesday voted to override Gov. John Lynch’s veto of a pro-life bill requiring abortion businesses to inform parents 48 hours before an abortion on a teenager that she is considering one. The state will now become the 37th to have such a law, which has been proven to help parents and teenagers and stop abortions.

The House overrode the veto by a 266-102 vote; the Senate vote was 17-7 and House speaker William O’Brien said in a statement, “Granite Staters believe in more parental involvement, not less.”

After the veto, the local pro-life group New Hampshire Citizens for Life condemned Lynch.

“Secret abortions on minors is child abuse, and Governor Lynch is imposing that abuse on New Hampshire’s minor girls,” said Citizens for Life President Gail DeMasi. “Governor Lynch has shoved a wedge back in between our daughters and their parents by vetoing the Parental Notification Bill. The bill passed by huge majorities in both chambers of the State Legislature.”

“The Governor says he wants to have an exception for girls who are in abusive situations at home. That simply would send a girl back into continuing abuse after a hasty, quick-fix abortion, DeMasi said. “He wants an exception for rape circumstances. That would cover up the rape from the parents’ knowledge. It also makes the abortionist, and the State, an accomplice after the fact to the rape. What kind of back alley attitude is this? Mr. Lynch would toss our daughters into a heap of emotional distress and drive a wedge between children and their families.”

“Some of the girls taken to abortion facilities are brought in by the adult men who got them pregnant. These men coerce the minors to get secret abortions to cover up statutory rape. This governor is their facilitator,” she added.

Lynch claimed the bill was unclear and too narrow, even though it was written to conform to federal court decisions on what should and should not be included in such a statute. The law would have required abortion practitioners to notify parents of a minor girl considering an abortion and they could have been subjected to a misdemeanor charge if they failed to comply with the law, which requires the notice to be given within 48 hours...
This is common sense legislation that protects young girls from sexual predators. Maybe Planned Parenthood and other abortion providers will no longer be able to hide the rape of underage girls who seek to get abortion.

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