Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Kansas Tries To Defund Planned Parenthood Again; Pro-Abortion Democrats Will Keep The Funds Coming

Anyone who has been following the video releases at Live Action know that Planned Parenthood and the abortion industry puts women in danger. The legislators have decided to try and defend Planned Parenthood again. From One News Now:
"For the second year in a row, the Huelskamp Amendment has passed both houses -- and after Governor Mark Parkinson's vetoed last year's attempt, this year's bill again awaits the Democrat's signature. Bill sponsor Senator Tim Huelskamp contends that the dollars need to stop flowing into Planned Parenthood coffers.

Tim Huelskamp"Planned Parenthood in Kansas currently has over 107 criminal indictments against them that involve multiple felonies, and those are currently being discussed somewhere in the state Supreme Court," the sponsor reports. "But indeed, this is the type of organization that should not receive taxpayer funding, whether it's at the federal or state level."

This marks the second time a defunding bill has gone to the governor, but Huelskamp tells a little about the governor, who is an avid abortion supporter.

"While we were talking about defunding, and he vetoed that provision last year, he then turned around and increased funding by 21 percent in the last year," the Republican senator laments. "A 21-percent increase when we're talking about massive budget deficits in the state of Kansas created by overspending." After increasing funding for Planned Parenthood, Parkinson went on to completely defund pro-life pregnancy centers..."
Just in case you have not seen some of the damning videos that expose Planned Parenthood's lies about the unborn baby's development, here are a few.

Planned Parenthood in Wisconsin:


It is way past time to cut all funding to Planned Parenthood. Unfortunately the pro-abortion absolutists in the Democratic Party will not let that happen.

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