Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Senate Democrats Euphemize The Killing Of The Unborn

When searching for another term to describe the murder of children, "preventative care" is not one that comes to mind. But this is exactly what pro-abortion Democrats are doing in the Senate.

"With polls showing as many as 63 percent of Americans oppose abortions and strong majorities against taxpayer funding of it, abortion advocates are desperate to mainstream abortion. One pro-abortion lawmaker has an amendment to the Senate health care bill to do just that.

Yesterday, the Senate began the process of considering amendments to Senator Harry Reid's pro-abortion health care legislation.

The first amendment offered was Mikulski Amendment No. 2791, sponsored by pro-abortion Sen. Barbara Mikulski, a Maryland Democrat, dealing with federally mandated coverage of "preventive care."

The amendment would essentially define abortion as preventative care and could result in mandates to private insurance plans that they define abortion as such and provide coverage of it.

Because of that, the National Right to Life Committee issued a letter to members of the Senate urging them to strongly oppose the Mikulski amendment.

"If Congress were to grant any Executive Branch entity sweeping authority to define services that private health plans must cover, merely by declaring a given service to constitute 'preventive care' then that authority could be employed in the future to require all health plans to cover abortions," NRLC explains..."

Given that those who see abortion as a good thing since it essentially gets rid of a cancerous tumor, this makes perfect sense. I pray that those who are truly pro-life in the Senate will stand for the unborn, because ObamaCare will necessarily increase the number of abortions in America despite all the deceptive rhetoric to the contrary.