Thursday, December 3, 2009

Obama Allows The Harvesting Of Unborn Babies For Research

The pro-abortion absolutism of President Obama and his Administration can no longer be denied. Now the harvesting of unborn babies has been signed off on for research purposes.

"The federal government's chief medical facility will start harvesting embryonic stem cells after the National Institutes of Health on Wednesday announced it has approved 13 batches of master cells for a study using taxpayer dollars

Dozens more are in the pipeline.

President Obama lifted restrictions on stem cell research in March after the Bush administration had limited publicly funded research to stem cells not retrieved from human embryos.

The $21 million worth of pending new studies could not begin until NIH determined which of hundreds of already created stem cell lines -- culled from embryos left over from fertility treatments -- were ethically appropriate to use.

"I am happy to say that we now have human embryonic stem cell lines eligible for use by our research community under our new stem cell policy," NIH Director Francis S. Collins said. "In accordance with the guidelines, these stem cell lines were derived from embryos that were donated under ethically sound informed consent processes. More lines are under review now, and we anticipate continuing to expand this list of responsibly derived lines eligible for NIH funding.,,"

Utilitarianism is not compatible with Christianity. The deliberate killing of unborn babies for research is on par with the Nazis killing Jews to conduct their research on the corpses. I suspect there are appeals to some altruistic goal of helping humanity, but do not be fooled, this is about the power to decide which life is truly valuable.


Anonymous said...

unborn babies are not going to be killed for research. Embryonic stem cell research involves microscopic undifferentiated cells from fertility clinics that would otherwise become medical waste. Please stop lying about this. Nobody would favor killing babies for research, but we are talking about microscopic cells in a petrie dish.

Blue Collar Todd said...

Maybe I should have used the words human persons instead of unborn babies to show the moral issue at hand. The embryo aka unborn baby aka human person is killed to harvest the stem cells.

Samantha said...

The debate is when do you define a life, life. From my understanding its at conception which would mean they are killing babies for research. The truth is the truth whether people are comfortable with it or not!

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