Sunday, November 8, 2009

Time For Christians To Lead The Way On Adoption

An expansive view of what an orphan is ought to include the unborn as well. Christian families need to step up and lead the way in adopting orphans throughout the world and by pleading with women in crisis pregnancies to give their unwanted child to them. Orphan Sunday is a good way to get the discussion going in your churches and with your friends. Imagine what a national campaign to adopt unborn babies not wanted by their mothers could do?


Anonymous said...

I think your passion and love for orphans is really inspiring and im so thankful for your bold steps. I hope it encourages others to take action.

Melody lietzau

I am blessed! said...

I have just read a post on another blog about adopting frozen embryos from someone else's IVF. This is another area that would be implicated in your campaign. I agree, it's the role of Christians to lead the way. I've been posting on the theology of adoption this month as well as God's compassion on the orphan, etc. on my blog.

Blue Collar Todd said...

@I am blessed,

Thanks for the comment. Yeah, Snowflake adoptions are what your are talking about. We have a couple in our church going through the process right now. Modern technology has unfortunately lead to many frozen embryos in limbo, even with Christian families who did not think it through and froze more than they really wanted.

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