Saturday, November 7, 2009

ObamaCare Passes With Stupak Amendment But It Is Unclear If It Will Matter

I admit that I am a bit surprised that the Stupak Amendment to strip abortion funding in ObamaCare passed, but ALLAHPUNDIT at Hot Air I think realizes what will happen.

"Update: The vote on the amendment is 236/190 as I write this, which is bad news. Not only is there no guarantee that the amendment will survive the conference committee with the Senate (or a Supreme Court challenge, natch), but this gives pro-life Blue Dogs the cover they need to vote for the final bill. It’s going to pass. Sigh..."

And over at Gateway Pundit there is agreement about this as well.

"More… Betsy added this:

The Stupak amendment is cover for the blue dogs. Somehow the dems will have funding for abortion no matter what they try to tell us.


We have to remember that nearly every Democrat in Congress, including President Obama, is a pro-abortion absolutist. This means that Pelosi and the rest of the Democrats will get abortion coverage in their somehow. The last place to kill this monstrosity is the Senate.

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