Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Baltimore Forces CPC's To Say They Provide No Abortion Information

This is a great example of how we need to slice through the rhetoric of the pro-choice crowd. The first thing we need to realize and argue is that they are not really pro-choice but pro-abortion. The latest example of this comes from Baltimore where they are forcing pro-life Crisis Pregnancy Centers to inform people that they do not provide abortion information.

"While the mayor was in court Monday, City Council was back at City Hall making history. The council made a landmark decision concerning pregnancy centers, a decision that could impact cities across the country.

Andrea Fujii explains why some call this new law harassment.

Just three councilmembers voted "no" to the limited pregnancy center bill. It requires all pregnancy centers that do not offer abortion information to post signs in English and Spanish to that effect.

If the mayor signs the legislation, they'd be required to put up a sign in the waiting room making it clear they don't offer the service.

For weeks, the centers and the Catholic Church have called the bill harassment.

"It's aimed at one particular group of people, that is mostly volunteer, non-profit groups --most of them are not Catholic-- who are seeking to help women bring their babies to term. That should not be a crime. That should not be suspect," said Archbishop Edwin O'Brien.

"We make it very clear up front that we don't perform them, nor do we refer for them. And we also won't tell them where to go to get one," said Carol Clews, Center for Pregnancy Concerns.

Supporters of this legislation say it's about truth in advertising for women in Baltimore. But those with pro-life groups say this is specifically to give a bad name to centers that don't support abortion.

"The intent of that is to put pregnancy centers out of business," said Jeff Meister, Maryland Right to Life. "I hate to use the words `out of business,' because they're charities; they're not a business."

Planned Parenthood has advocated the bill, citing nationwide research of women getting censored information at these centers..."

Since they consider this a matter about facts and how they fit into their world view, then any objection to that threatens their reality. This could be used to silence pro-life clinics across the country. They must feel emboldened since abortion could be declared a health care right if ObamaCare is signed into law.

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Samantha Torres-Wright said...

I'm so confused by this. We do offer abortion information but we don't offer the service. We offer std information but we don't offer the service. We don't advertise that we offer the service we advertise that if a girl needs help we can help them and we do just that.

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