Thursday, October 9, 2008

Pro-Choice Is Pro-Abortion And Intolerant Of Those Defending The Unborn

It should be no surprise that the pro-abortion crowd will likely seek to put an end to any life affirming alternatives that currently exist. The reason this should be no surprise is that once it is understood that the being pro-choice is really about being an abortion absolutist, then no alternative to the murder of unborn boys and girls can be tolerated to exist.

Crisis Pregnancy Centers, like the one this blog is trying to make a difference for, stands for the unborn. The clinic seeks to influence women who have an unplanned pregnancy to choose life for their baby. One would think that would not pose such a threat to Planned Parenthood or other groups that support abortion on demand, even infanticide. The problem is that Barack Obama has vowed to Planned Parenthood to overturn every restriction on abortion. Another abortion absolutist group, NARAL, is supporting a bill that will attack pro-life clinics.

If Barack Obama is elected as President of the United States, the pro-life cause could see a dramatic increase in legal harassment and physical intimidation. A Supreme Court transformed by this mindset will overturn every state restriction on abortion. Like on partial-birth abortion, which is a euphemism for infanticide, or parental notification laws will be overturned. It should be noted that these restrictions do reduce the number of abortions.

Recently, a number of pastors endorsed John McCain to fight what can be preached from the pulpit. I think this will be an important test case to see where the courts are now, but if Barack Obama gets to name numerous judges at all levels, clearly this will not be tolerated. More importantly is how it will fit into the larger issue of making moral claims from the pulpit. If pro-life pregnancy centers are already in their sights through legislation, there can be little doubt that it will not stop there. Churches and pastors across America will have to decide how far they are willing to compromise and accommodate these trends. The attack on pro-life clinics goes beyond just the candidacy of Barack Obama so work will be need to done even if John McCain wins. We will know much more in just under a month. You need to start thinking about at what point you will say enough is enough and take a stand against those who want to silence the pro-life community.