Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Abortion Advocates Are Living In The Dark Ages Of Prenatal Medicine

Not only is Planned Parenthood, pro-abortion absolutists, and anyone who claims to be pro-choice basing their views on the Dark Ages of prenatal medicine, they are also wanting women to kill their unborn child in total ignorance about the life inside them. This is done by opposing giving women facts about their unborn child or having them view an ultrasound of their baby. It is a lot easier to kill "it" when the mother is denied the truth about what "it" is, namely her unborn boy or girl with a heart beat. Imagine what it might do if the woman about to abort her child sees her baby's heart beat for the first time? This seems to explain the resignation of Abby Johnson at a Texas Planned Parenthood facility.

Here is an ultrasound of my twin boys at about 25 weeks.

An abortion would kill them, plan and simple. You can notice the features of their body and they are developing every second. It is time for pro-abortion absolutists to come out of the Dark Ages in which they are basing their morally depraved and backward views on. Come into the modern era and stop denying the truth about the unborn.

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Samantha Torres-Wright said...

twin b is looking right at us! So sweet

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