Tuesday, October 20, 2009

San Diego Abortionist Works Illegally?

I thought one of the main premises of pro-abortion absolutists is that the legality of abortion makes it safe. The problem is that once such an action is deemed a right, the supervision and control of it often neglected. There is one example that may point to this in San Diego as a doctor that killed a baby during child birth is performing abortions, even though he ought to be supervised.

"Operation Rescue is working to draw attention to a San Diego abortionist who may not be working legally.

Physician Andrew Rutland had his medical license suspended over the death of a baby during childbirth.

Cheryl Sullinger (Operation Rescue)"It was a baby who was supposed to be born," explains Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue, "but because of his negligence -- it was a forceps delivery -- he crushed the baby's head and the baby was born dead."

There were other reasons for the suspension too, says Sullineger, but Rutland sought to push the action aside by reapplying for his license.

"[And] he was granted it," Sullinger continues, "but he's on probation and he cannot operate unless he has another physician supervising him."

The problem is that Rutland, according to Operation Rescue, has been operating for at least the last seven months at an abortion clinic in the San Diego area without any supervision.

Sullinger hopes publicity on Rutland will generate enough calls to the California Medical Board to prompt an investigation. Coincidentally, he is operating the same abortion clinic run by Bertha Bugarin, who currently is serving a prison sentence for doing abortions without a medical license."

The false premise that abortion must be legal in order to be safe needs to be refuted otherwise we may see a growing number of legal but unsafe abortions happening.