Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Obama's Home State Prevents Parental Notification

It should not surprise anyone that President Obama's home state is following in his pro-abortion ways. The ACLU, an organization I have no doubt that Obama endorses, is preventing parents from being notified if their daughter seeks to and gets an abortion.

"The ACLU has filed another lawsuit to block Illinois' parental notification law for abortions performed on minors.

The law, passed in 1995, has never been implemented because of numerous lawsuits. Recently, a federal court ordered the law into effect by early November.

Tom Brechja of the Thomas More Society, who has been heavily involved in the litigation, says they are gathering their forces. The attorney argues it is just logical for parents to know about a child's request for an abortion, especially when a child just needing a tonsillectomy requires parental consent.

Tom Brechja (Thomas More Society)"The attorney general of Illinois would be the main counsel defending this case," Brechja says, "but frankly we don't trust him -- and we want to get in there and intervene on behalf of parents of minor girls and some of the states' attorneys of various counties in Illinois and fight this. It's ridiculous.”

He believes the court ought to bring a halt to the challenges and let the law go into effect. Brechja adds that 80 percent of Illinois parents -- whether pro-life or pro-abortion -- want the law to be implemented. He believes they just want to communicate with their children on such an important issue.

Brechja also finds it interesting that the American Civil Liberties Union claims to be all for free speech -- except for speech between parents and their children."

This is some sense about control. Liberal educators want to undermine the parents authority to teach their children right and wrong and enabling girls to kill their own children is central to that end.