Thursday, October 1, 2009

Religious Liberals Lie About Abortion In ObamaCare

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It is a sad state of affairs among the Religious Left when they can lie so blatantly about the killing of the unborn. Two false prophets of Religious Liberalism are Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren. They both claimed that ObamaCare would not cover abortion and said it was slanderous to say so. Well, now the Democrats have prevented any real restriction on abortion being covered by ObamaCare.

"With a Senate committee rejecting yet another pro-life amendment to make sure the health care bills in Congress don't include abortion funding, pro-life groups say there is one conclusion. That is that every one of the health care bills under consideration contains abortion funding.

The Senate Finance Committee this morning rejected the Hatch amendment to make it clear that the Baucus health care bill would not fund abortions.

"This action leaves no doubt that the health care bill that will come to the Senate floor in a few weeks will contain provisions that would result in massive subsidies for abortion coverage," Douglas Johnson of the National Right to Life Committee said.

Johnson told after the vote the battles to stop abortion funding are not over as "the full Senate will have to vote on the pro-abortion subsidies, and other pro-abortion components as well."

The pro-life legislative guru also noted that the near unanimous opposition to the anti-abortion funding limits by members of President Barack Obama's party "is one more proof that President Obama's public statements that he does not want federal dollars used for abortion are completely phony -- part of an ongoing political hoax."

Charmaine Yoest, the president of Americans United for Life, agrees..."

Will Jim Wallis and Brian McLaren confess that they deceived their readers about the killing of the unborn? They need to repent and stop supporting those who justify the murder of the most defenseless class of humanity the world has ever known.

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