Saturday, October 3, 2009

California Abortionists Gets Jail Time

One of the key arguments that Liberals and feminists use in promoting abortion is their supposed concern for the poor. Unfortunately this leads to abuse, proving that abortion is not always safe regardless of it being legal or not. In California there have been convictions and sentencing of several people involved in providing abortions to poor Hispanic women.

"Cheryl Sullinger of Operation Rescue tells OneNewsNow the convicted abortionist is serving a nearly seven-year prison sentence.

Bertha Bugarin"Bertha Bugarin, as you may remember, was a woman without any [medical] training," notes Sullinger. "She owned a chain of abortion clinics [in Southern California], and she was actually caught doing abortions herself."

Two of her workers who knew their boss had no medical license assisted Bugarin. Luz Catalina-Gomez and Paloma Yonna Solorzano-Rodriguez were both sentenced to prison for one year, but were given probation -- pending completion of community service -- and ordered to not take jobs in the medical industry.

"We're concerned about the fact that they simply got probation and were not given jail time because their actions endangered the lives of women," says Sullinger. Nevertheless, Operation Rescue is satisfied that the two are out of the abortion business.

Several women were injured as a result of abortion performed at the clinics. The district attorney of San Diego County said Bugarin's abortion clinics preyed on vulnerable women in Hispanic communities."

Sadly, you are not going to read about this frequent cases in the national Main Stream Media since it would undermine their pro-abortion absolutism.

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Anonymous said...

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