Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If You Are Pro-Life You Cannot Vote For Barack Obama

The tolerance of evil leads to the intolerance of good. Barack Obama is the most radically pro-abortion candidate in American history. His election and the consequences that would have to the pro-life cause cannot be overstated. The graphic video below should remove any doubt that someone who accepts what is being done to the most helpless and defenseless segment of humanity does not deserve your vote. Who you vote for will have drastically different consequences for our society and the unborn.

If you know people who are going to vote for Obama, send this to them. Particularly if they are Christians because they need to repent of their idolatry because it has lead them to deny the Lord Jesus Christ's teaching on the love for our neighbor and the Golden Rule. The idol Moloch has been raised again in the midst of God's people and needs to be torn down. Let us do this with boldness, and loving confrontation. If you have been apathetic to the defense of these helpless and fatherless children, this video should ignite a flame of righteous anger about what is going on and how deep Christian complacency truly is.


Anonymous said...

40 days for life movement - please check out the website.

Anonymous said...

I would like to invite anyone touched by this video to check out 40 days for Life movement happening in the California area and get involved

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