Tuesday, October 14, 2008

CNN says "Fireproof Surprise Hit of the Fall"

CNN says "The movie, which has a strong faith-based message and was made with a budget of just $500,000. Its opening on 839 screens two weeks ago was strong enough to propel it to No. 4 at the box office." Click Here for more on the article.

Impressive review on Fireproof. I have to admit I really wasn't all that amped to see Fireproof. My co-worker mentioned it and was very excited about it but I have to admit I am not a Kirk Cameron fan. My mom came to visit for the weekend and she mentioned she really wanted to see Fireproof. She said on Dr. Phil she saw an interview with the cast and she told me that everyone but Kirk (actors/actress)was a volunteer from a church. Overall the message was really good, it was a little cheesy at times but I definitely recommend it, with our divorce rates sky rocketing I think it is good to watch and do some reflecting.