Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Planned Parenthood on Power 106

A couple weeks ago on Power 106 I heard a radio ad... "this is my planned parenthood story". The new ad campaign is women sharing their story and how planned parenthood helped them. It's very smart, very creative and touching. I am really annoyed with it because although it sounds genuine its not. If they cared so much they would tell women the truth about the choices they are making, the truth about the pain that follows, the truth about long term affects. They say we make those things up, they say we give false information. If that were true then they wouldn't be pushing so hard to try to shut us down. We are a threat because we challenge their motive, money. We are not a money hungry business, we are a free clinic offering good, true and accurate information. Speaking truth to young women and then leaving them to make their own educated decisions. We do not exist to judge. We exist to love no matter what.

You can go to planned parenthoods press release to hear the ads. let me know what you think. Someone who believes in our cause should sponsor a radio ad for us! That would be amazing.