Monday, August 18, 2008

Above his pay grade?

Those concerned about the unborn got a powerful glimpse into the mind of Senator Barack Obama over the weekend. At Pastor Rick Warren's Forum, Senator Obama was asked point blank about the status of the unborn. Obama's response can only be seen as evasive. Obama said that the answer to that question was "above my pay grade". Well, apparently it is not, since the Senator has one of the most extreme voting records on abortion in recent political history. Those pesky little things known as facts are out there in the public and repeated denials of such facts will not make them go away.

Here is an interview done just after the Warren Forum and Obama is confronted again about his failure to stand against infanticide as a state Senator. Again, Obama chooses to dig in and defend his position by attacking those exposing it for how truly morally depraved it is. Hopefully this issue will remain in the news throughout the rest of campaign and Senator McCain will be feisty enough to use it.