Saturday, March 30, 2013

Planned Parenthood's Evolutionary Morality Now Accepts Post-Birth Abortion (Video)

So what is the next great moral evolution of Liberals in America these days now that many Democrats have "evolved" on gay marriage? The great moral advancement is coming from Planned Parenthood in the tolerance of infanticide. From the Weekly Standard:
Coming from Planned Parenthood, this is really no surprise. The already are willing to tolerate the rape of minor girls in order to keep abortion legal, so accepting infanticide is no big deal to them. Also, they really already promote infanticide via partial-birth abortion. President Obama held this same morally evil view as a state Senator, and I doubt anything has really changed in his mind. Obama's comments about this come in about 6:30 in the video.
Do we really want Democrats in charge of everyone's health care if they are willing to tolerate an evil like infanticide?