Monday, November 26, 2012

Pro-Choice Advocates Outraged Arizona Tells Women About The Risks Of Abortion

How dare the state of Arizona actually have the nerve to tell women there are risks involved in having an abortion. This is the outrage expressed by the Leftist blog Think Progress:
Even though part of Arizona’s restrictive abortion ban is currently being blocked from taking effect while it is considered in court, state officials are moving forward with implementing other parts of the law — including launching a misleading website designed to encourage women to reconsider their decision to have an abortion. The GOP lawmaker who sponsored the legislation, Rep. Kimberly Yee (R-Phoenix), is upfront about her intentions for the site required under her new law. According to the Arizona Daily Sun, she has “acknowledged she believes that the site will convince some women considering an abortion not to go through with it.” The new section of Arizona’s Department of Health Services site is framed as presenting the information that women have “the right to know” before opting to have an abortion. Links offer resources that repeatedly warn about the potential dangers of electing to have an abortion, including separate sections about “making an informed decision,” the “medical risks of abortion,” the “mortality risks of abortion,” and the medical side effects and emotional damage that may occur “after an abortion.” Of the dozen links on the site, only one, “pregnancy and childbirth,” attempts to present the other side — but although that section does include information about the complications that can occur from carrying a pregnancy to term, it still maintains that “pregnancy and birth is usually a safe, natural process”
Who would have thought that Liberals would want to keep a woman ignorant about a very important choice she making about the life of her child. This is another example of how pro-abortion the Left truly is. They hate anything that may sway a woman from choosing life for her unborn baby. Just check the comments at the article. Disturbing.