Monday, January 30, 2012

Californians Trying To Get Parental Notification On The Ballot In 2012

One of the clearest ways to expose the hypocrisy of feminism as being a philosophy that is about helping women, is by bring up parental notification. Who could possibly be against a minor girl notifying her parents that she is pregnant and wants an abortion? Especially if rape is the reason for the pregnancy. Would not feminists want to stop a little girl from being sexually brutalized and use parental notification to do it? Of course not. We will have a chance to see feminists rally against an attempt to get a parental notification proposition on the ballot here in California. From Life News:
Signatures are currently being gathered to put Parental Notification on the 2012 November ballot for the fourth time in California. In 2008 Parental Notification’s Proposition 4 lost by a very small percentage, 52% to 48%. Parental notification proponents are back this year in full force, but this time they have something that changes the game . . .

In California a minor cannot be given an aspirin by a school nurse, use a tanning bed in a salon, or have a cavity filled without a parent knowing. However, a young lady under the age of 18 can obtain a surgical or chemical abortion without her parent(s) ever being informed. Whether you are pro-life or pro-abortion I believe we can agree that a parent being left ignorant of their child obtaining an abortion is life threatening to young ladies under the age of 18.

I grew up in San Bernardino county where a 24 year old man had been sexually abusing his half sister for years, and when she was 12 she became pregnant. Her abuser (half brother) took her for an abortion where the abortion clinic did not report the sexual abuse case. The parents were never made aware of the ongoing abuse and the half brother continued to live in the house with the girl for four more years until she was finally able to tell her mother what was happening. The abuser was convicted and sentenced to 14 years in prison, and the young lady has a life time of pain to deal with. [1]

Now, you may feel a little discouraged about this being the fourth attempt to pass a parental notification law; and I agree that can be discouraging...
Lets get it done this time around.