Friday, September 16, 2011

Liberal Intolerance At Pro-Life Presentation On College Campus (Video)

Ryan Bomberger does an excellent job responding to a group of pro-abortion activists that would rather shout him down than talk to him or let him speak. One of the girls shouting actually claims having an abortion is something a good mother does. From Life News:
As a public speaker, I have spoken to hundreds of thousands of people over the past few years in various forums: major conferences, churches, social services events, high schools, and colleges. In all but the last venue, audiences may not always agree, but are willing to hear a perspective that may differ from their own.

There’s no place like an environment of higher learning…that’s continually threatened by non-liberal ideology. Many college campuses cultivate students that fear being exposed to different points of view. In their myopia, free speech must be crushed as catchy mantras replace critical thinking.

Last night, I spoke at Georgia State University as part of The Radiance Foundation’s awareness efforts. Georgia is the state where The Radiance Foundation, along with the inimitable Catherine Davis (at that time the Minority Director of Georgia Right to Life), launched the first campaign: “Black Children Are An Endangered Species”. Every billboard campaign since, Planned Parenthood and its radically pro-abortion surrogate, SisterSong, have been desperate to find ways to counter our efforts. They’ve found fertile soil on college campuses where they find, often, some well meaning but incredibly uninformed students to parrot their propaganda.

“Trust Black Women! Trust Black Women!” was the chant that disrupted the planned lecture about abortion, black genocide and Planned Parenthood. For nearly twenty minutes, before the presentation could even begin, the protesters barked the mantra at the racially diverse audience and me, in particular. Thankfully, campus police removed them after they repeatedly refused to allow, or be part of, the conversation. Those who remained were able to discuss the substance of the epidemic of abortion, eugenics, and the impact on the black community...

I guess it does not matter to these pro-abortion activists that Planned Parenthood is the leading cause of death among African-Americans?