Friday, September 2, 2011

"It's The Same Thing"; The Twisted Logic Of Abortion Rights Logic Exposed (Video)

Here is a short but powerful video that takes an argument for abortion and applies it in a similar situation.

Content Warning:

If one takes the logic of pro-abortion advocates that the baby is dependent on the mother and therefore has no real identity or value, then the changing of the location of that baby or child from the womb to outside the womb is inconsequential. A newborn is still dependent on the mother, and now the father, as is the unborn baby. Even a child a few years old cannot take of himself or herself. Thus, infanticide and even murdering children up to a few years of age is justified by following the arguments for abortion. We have seen this logic play out in news events repeatedly in recent history.

Here are some examples:
Casey Anthony Should Be A Feminist Heroine; UPDATE: Linked By NoOneOfAnyImport
California Mom Drops 7 Month Old Baby Boy From Fourth Story Parking Garage
Sacramento Mother Kills Baby Daughter In Microwave
California Has It’s Own Caylee Anthony; 2 Year Old Girl Beaten To Death By Parents
Grandmother Throws Her 2 1/2 Year Old Granddaughter To Her Death At The Mall
Mother Kills Three Year Old Twins And Tries To Kill Herself; The Inherent Evil Of Mankind
Man Drives SUV Into House Killing Girlfriend And Newborn Daughter
Jori Lirette’s Father Saw Him As A “Dummy” And Wanted Him Dead Since Birth

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