Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Pro-Abortion Propaganda Tries To Scare Women (Video)

This is an amazing piece of propaganda coming from the Center For Reproductive Rights. The most ridiculous claims come towards the end.
Anti-choice lawmakers are on the warpath. And they’re coming for you.

Legislation is being introduced right now that is: anti-woman, anti-child, anti-health.

Stop these bills from setting women’s rights back a lifetime.

They're Coming for Roe from Center for Reproductive Rights on Vimeo.

Being pro-life is anti-child? I those that support abortion on demand and even tolerate infanticide are the ones who are anti-child. Since when is abortion synonymous with health care? The claim that pro-lifers are anti-women is completely absurd and actually backwards. It is feminism that is anti-women. They justify the unrestrained murder of unborn baby girls for any reason whatsoever. Their views justify abortion based on sex selection which often means the death of unborn girls. Liberalism is an absurd belief system that dehumanizes all of humanity and seeks to empower the State to control every aspect of our lives, deciding who lives and who dies. There is nothing more anti-woman, anti-child, and anti-health care than that.

HT: Feministe