Friday, April 22, 2011

Pro-Lifers Have Taken Over Twitters Pro-Choice Hashtag; Excellent

My fellow pro-lifers should take a moment to let this sink in. Yes, the feminists are anoyed with you, so much so, that they have posted about it. Your offense? Taking over the pro-choice hashtag on twitter. From Feministing:
Has anyone noticed the #prochoice twitter hashtag has been nearly completely highjacked by anti-choicers? Time to rumble, people.
Any fellow pro-lifers ready to rumble and to keep fighting for justice for the unborn against the oppressive onslaught of Liberalism? They want compares about history and justice do they? Well, nothing better puts abortion in a proper moral framework than we we consider that: Happy Nazis At Auschwitz Are Like Abortionists Doing Sacred Work. Let the rumble continue.

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