Sunday, March 13, 2011

Planned Parenthood Wants To Tolerate The Sexual Abuse Of Underage Girls

What else would you expect from an organization that profits off the killing of unborn children? It is getting easier to show that an organization like Planned Parenthood is not merely pro-choice but pro-abortion. This is the case because anyone who opposes all common sense restrictions on abortion is someone who wants the only choice for an unwanted pregnancy to be abortion. This helps explain why Planned Parenthood is opposing a common sense bill in Illinois that would require medical personnel to report instances of the sexual abuse of children. From Live Action:
Currently in Illinois, only licensed health care professionals at health care centers like Planned Parenthood are required to report the sexual abuse of a child to state authorities. What this means is Planned Parenthood staff including volunteers, front-desk staff (which often willingly offer medical guidance), and other non-licensed office staff are not required to report child sexual abuse when they find out that a child is being abused.

There is a proposed law, HB 2093 that would expand who is a mandated reporter of child sexual abuse to include every employee or volunteer of any organizations that provides or refers for reproductive health care. This more expansive definition of who should be required to report child sexual abuse is consistent with most other states that I have looked into.

Why then is Planned Parenthood opposing this common-sense measure that requires that all Planned Parenthood staff report child sex abuse when made aware of it? Planned Parenthood writes on their website:
HB 2093 requires office staff and volunteers of organizations that provide reproductive health care or sex education to be mandated reporters of child abuse. All doctors, nurses and teachers are already mandated reporters. Therefore, these organizations are already legally required to make reports. This bill creates redundant regulations that have the potential to overload the Department of Children and Family Services.

Source: Planned Parenthood Action Webpage (view screen capture that we took here)
We already knew that they were willing to tolerate the forced prostitution of underage girls so at least they are being consistent in their tolerance of evil. Remember that one of their former Senators, now our President, was willing to tolerate infanticide. There is something seriously wrong with the moral compass of Liberals in Illinois, and anywhere else for that matter.