Monday, March 21, 2011

Liberalism And The Genocide Of Minority Groups

I have been thinking about the nature of Totalitarian regimes lately. Specifically the difference between a Liberal one and a Conservative one. The Nazis stand out as the typical Right Wing form of Totalitarianism and the Communists stand out as the typical Left Wing form. In America there are constant accusations that the Republicans are acting like Nazis while the Democrats are the sole arbiters of justice, peace and harmony. A way to immediately see if one has Totalitarian aspirations, we only need to look at how the value of life is grounded. If one seeks to ground the value of human life in an objective way that can check the State's power over our lives, then one likely support the idea that our value is inherent in the fact that we are created in the image of God. If one seeks to ground the value of human life in more utilitarian ways, then the State decides whose life is worthy of life. This is why President Obama's intentional leaving out of a critical part of the Declaration of Independence should trouble us. Obama clearly wants the State to be the sole arbiter of deciding the value of life.

It is here that we can see a fundamental difference between the Totalitarian ambitions of the Nazis in Germany and of Liberals in America today. Like Herman Cain said, we should consider Planned Parenthood to be a planned genocide. Such an organization is about using the rhetoric of justice to justify the genocide of others. Liberalism has surpassed the evil fruit produced by Nazism in this key aspect: instead of bringing about a genocide of a people by force like under Nazism, Liberalism has gotten people to freely justify their own genocide. Abortion on demand is a gateway to Totalitarianism and sadly, many minority groups have already been conquered by Liberal Totalitarians by justifying their own genocide through abortion. Defending the unborn is the only way to turn the tide on an agenda that seeks to define your value and mine in terms of the subjective whims of the State. To be pro-life, to defend the unborn, is to favor restraint on the State's power over our lives. To be pro-life is ground our value in the truth that we have been created in the image of God so that no bureaucrat can decide our lives do not have value. To be pro-life is to stand for the most defenseless class of humanity the world has ever known, to stand against the oppression of the unborn by Liberals. If you love liberty then being pro-life will help ensure that liberty will last amid the constant onslaught of the Left.

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