Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Feminist Hypocrisy Over Obama Picture On A Pro-Life Billboard

Feminists are so committed to abortion that they are now making completely absurd claims about those who are pro-life in reaction to a new billboard.

From Feministing:
There are so many huge issues facing our world today that could be addressed with the thousands of dollars going into these billboards. Maternal mortality. Fetal mortality. Appallingly high rates of incarceration. Poverty. Violence. Environmental disasters. War. Focusing so exclusively on the choices of women is appallingly misogynist, and their focus on the choices of black women is appallingly racist.
Feminists who justify the unrestrained murder of unborn baby girls and the extremely high rates of abortion among black women accuse people defending the unborn baby girl and black baby as being misogynist and racist. No, it is the feminists who guilty of justifying the genocide of future women and African American men and women. Once again feminists show us that they are a danger to young girls everywhere. I hope and pray my daughter rejects their anti-women ways when she gets older.