Monday, February 14, 2011

Protest Planned Parenthood Today At Noon

At noon today go to the Planned Parenthood nearest you and show that you do not tolerate the sex trafficking of underage girls like they do. From One News Now:
A number of pro-life organizations, under the name "Expose Planned Parenthood," are joining together at noon today for the first-ever "vigil for victims of underage sex trafficking" at Planned Parenthood facilities throughout the country.

"We are asking pro-lifers, people of faith and conscience, to get out in front of a local Planned Parenthood facility at noon in whatever time zone you may live in and to stand and pray and ask our Lord for his help to defund Planned Parenthood," explains Kristan Hawkins of Students for Life of America.

At least one clinic worker has already been fired, and Congress has already received a bill suggesting that federal funding be brought to an end. So Hawkins believes the effort is closer than ever to gaining success.

Kristan Hawkins (Students for Life)"[Planned Parenthood gets] over $363 million every year from you and [me]," the pro-lifer laments. "We have the chance with these videos that have come out from Live Action showing Planned Parenthood workers aiding and abetting sex traffickers, and this is on top of years of investigative work showing Planned Parenthood is violating federal law time and time again."

During the course of the prayer event, Hawkins is asking people to call or e-mail their elected representatives in Washington and urge them to vote against further funding for the largest abortion provider and referral agency in the country.
For those in my neck of the woods, here is one you can go to.

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