Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Planned Parenthood Tolerates Child Prostitution In New York (Video)

Planned Parenthood is concerned about underage girls being forced into prostitution? That is what they would like you to believe but the facts do not support that. Planned Parenthood makes money by killing innocent and defenseless babies. In a new video we see just how far pro-abortion advocates are willing to go in order to cover up real injustice in order to oppress the unborn. From Big Government (there may be some issues playing video, it is also at Weasel Zippers, and Life News):

It was only after Planned Parenthood realized they were busted that they reported this. So what will pro-choice advocates tolerate in the name of abortion? And calling them pro-choice is really too generous, they are pro-abortion. They will tolerate infanticide, statutory rape, and now child prostitution. This is the fruit of Liberalism/Progressivism. What they call themselves does not really matter, the fruit will always be the same: the murder of children.

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