Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Ann Coulter On The Tea Party, Sarah Palin, And Social Issues

Coming away from hearing Ann Coulter speak live for the first time I was pretty impressed. One interesting thing that came up was her view on the Tea Party's role moving forward. She said, and I agree, that the Tea Party should not splinter off and become a third Party. It should stay with the Republican Party and keep it focused on it's principles.

Coulter also had an interesting take on Sarah Palin. Coulter thinks Palin should not run for President as she can play a powerful role doing what she is currently doing. If Palin were to run and lose, then her influence would likely wain and the Conservative movement needs her and the power of her tweets. She also said that Republicans should not avoid social issues since they are winning issues. She thought that the pro-life movement is winning the abortion argument since anyone who is pro-choice qualifies their view as merely wanting abortion to "safe, legal, and rare". There is no other right that we have that people want to see it made rare.