Thursday, October 7, 2010

Violent Man Pressures Girlfriend To Get An Abortion By Using A Gun

Often in the debate about abortion we get focused on the mother as the sole person being responsible for killing her unborn baby. We need to be aware that the unborn baby's father may have an equal role or more in the decision to kill the child. In some instances, maybe more than we think, the father may be threatening the woman so she gets an abortion. A man from Ohio actually pulled a gun on his pregnant girlfriend in order to get her to kill their child. From Life News:
"An Ohio man was arrested this morning after police say he allegedly tried to force his pregnant girlfriend at gunpoint to have an abortion.

Dominic L. Holt-Reid is a 27-year-old man from Columbus, Ohio and he represents what research shows is the all-too-frequent phenomenon of coerced and pressured abortions.

Police say Holt-Reid was arrested and charged with kidnapping and carrying a concealed weapon after he tried to make his partner keep a scheduled appoint for an abortion she decided to go back on today.

Police found him in the parking lot behind the Founder's Women's Health Center abortion facility in downtown Columbus

Sgt. Rich Weiner, a Columbus police spokesman, told the Columbus Dispatch newspaper the unnamed woman and Holt-Reid have another child together. They said the couple were in a vehicle dropping their child off at school when Holt-Reid became angry after the girlfriend refused to keep the abortion appointment slated for this morning.

Holt-Reid reportedly obtained a gun from the glove compartment and pointed it at his pregnant girlfriend -- forcing her to drive to the abortion center. The Dispatch indicates she passed a note to center staff, who called the police after receiving it.

A report released earlier this year finds women who have abortions frequently report they feel pressured or coerced into having one -- and they say they don't get the counseling they need from abortion centers for abortions they may not otherwise want..."
The irony about this when thinking about how abortion fits in the Liberal mindset, is that the concern for global warming and population rates, in the future this could be some Bureaucrat declaring that this woman has to have an abortion.