Saturday, October 23, 2010

Pro-Lifers Support Forced Abortion Or Will Cause It?

Just when I think I have heard all the reasons people use to justify their pro-choice position, I hear one that takes the cake. In reacting to one of my tweets I got a reply from, and what her profile on Twitter says, the woman who "live tweeted" her abortion. Unless I missed another woman doing the same, I will assume it is her. Her claim via Twitter is that my being pro-life will actually lead to a forced abortion policy like the one China has.

It seems the basis of this claim is that concerns over China's population growth lead to it's policy of limiting families to one child, and that holding a pro-life view is what lead to this. It is actually revealing the concern over population growth leads to a pro-abortion world view and one that justifies forced abortion no less. So what she is really saying is that we need a Liberal pro-choice public policy otherwise forced abortion is coming. No, it is this pro-abortion world view that is inherent in those who claim to be merely pro-choice that is going to lead us to forced abortion. Those who are pro-choice already rely heavily on concerns about population growth to justify opposing any and all restrictions on abortion. And can anyone claim to be merely pro-choice when they oppose any and all restrictions on abortion, even if it means tolerating infanticide? No, today's pro-choice advocates are essentially pro-abortion absolutists.

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