Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pro-Lifers Are Racist For Being Concerned About The Abortion Of African American Babies

So feminists and pro-abortion absolutists have decided the best way to attack those defending African American babies from abortion is to call the racist. Talk about doing philosophical gymnastics and mental contortions. It would be a bad Saturday Night Live skit if it was not real.

Abortion Conspiracy Promo from STV Productions on Vimeo.


An attack is ratcheting up against women’s reproductive freedom with an insidious campaign against women of color.

They are going to try to raise hell with this kind of campaign.

Right wing anti-abortion protestors are pushing a conspiracy theory that abortion in the African American community is genocide.

They targeted black people and they made a concerted effort because they want to get rid of black people.

That’s a lie. They don’t care what happens to the child once the child gets here.

They are doing it with a spreading billboard campaign.

This billboards were funded by primarily white people.

A series of pro-life freedom rides.

They’re biggest calling card is shame.

And a documentary.

They are certainly promoting black faces but who is really behind them is the radical religious right.

A special series investigates these charges. Whose behind them and where the money is coming from.

It’s a group of wealthy white men trying to make black women feel ashamed about our choices.
The idea that only white men are opposed to abortion is absurd. Look at the rise of Conservative women lately, all seem equally opposed to abortion. My wife, an Asian American, is opposed to abortion. I guess they do not care that African America babies are killed at a rate 5 times that of other babies? They still cannot deal with the fact that Margaret Sanger was a Nazi sympathizer who believes in eugenics based on race. The only difference is that Liberals are advocating a racially cleansed version of eugenics. Instead of dehumanizing just a certain race, they dehumanize all of us in order to justify killing countless unborn babies, and a disproportionate number of African America babies. If this is the best the pro-abortion crowd can do, then I think the tide may be turning and we will soon have reasonable restrictions on abortion.

HT: Feministing