Friday, September 24, 2010

Planned Parenthood Is Alarmed By The Tea Party; Facility Shuts Down In New Jersey; UDPATE: Facility Still Open

Strange that the thing that causes people who kill unborn babies for a living to be scared is the potential to lose the ability to continue to kill for a living. The rise of Conservative pro-life women this election cycle has got the folks at Planned Parenthood stressed out. From LifeSiteNews:
"In addition to discontent with out-of-control spending and government expansion, the American Tea Party movement is motivated by a strong devotion to the right to life of the unborn - something that appears to have caught the pro-abortion establishment, including Planned Parenthood, off-guard.

In a Facebook post Monday, the Planned Parenthood Federation of America expressed frustration at the burgeoning popularity of thoroughly pro-life candidates who have shot to stardom thanks to Tea Party momentum.

"It's easy to laugh at some of the crazy statements made by the newest Republican U.S. Senate candidate, Christine O'Donnell and others running on extreme anti-abortion platforms," wrote the group. "But did you know that the day after O'Donnell's primary victory in Delaware, she raised $1,000,000 online?"

The grassroots Tea Party movement, while largely dismissed by mainstream media and Democrat leaders early on - House Speaker Nancy Pelosi famously wrote off the movement as "astroturf" – has grabbed the attention of both parties after Tea Party senate candidates snatched the GOP nomination in seven states earlier this month..."
In New Jersey, one Planned Parenthood facility had to shut down because Governor Christie is serious about getting the state's budget under control. This is one area that fiscal and social Conservatives can work together.

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Unfortunately, the abortion facility is still open.