Friday, August 6, 2010

Kagan Gets Confirmed To The Supreme Court

The only thing really in question about Elena Kagan's confirmation was how close the vote was going to be. Today the United States Senate voted to conform Kagan. From the Christian Post:
"The U.S. Senate confirmed Elena Kagan on Thursday as the fourth woman in history to serve on the Supreme Court following a 63-37 vote that was mostly along party lines.
Solicitor General Elena Kagan
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(Photo: AP Photo / David Banks, File)
In this May 3, 2010, file photo Solicitor General Elena Kagan speaks during the annual meeting of the 7th Circuit Bar Association & Judicial Conference of the 7th Circuit in Chicago. The overall balance of power on the court is unlikely to change, with President Barack Obama's choice of Elena Kagan to replace the liberal-leaning Justice John Paul Stevens.

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The former Harvard Law dean is set to begin a lifetime position as the nation’s 112th justice after she is sworn in this Saturday.

President Obama, who nominated Kagan for the spot nearly three months ago, said Kagan’s confirmation is “an affirmation of her character and her temperament; her open-mindedness and even-handedness; [and] her determination to hear all sides of every story and consider all possible arguments.”

“She knows that the Supreme Court’s decisions shape not just the character of our democracy, but the circumstances of our daily lives – or, as she once put it, that ‘behind the law there are stories’ – stories of people’s lives as shaped by the law, stories of people’s lives as might be changed by law,” Obama stated.

“So I am confident that Elena Kagan will make an outstanding Supreme Court Justice.”

Critics of the former solicitor general, however, expressed otherwise.

"The confirmation of a Supreme Court Justice who will not uphold the right to life of the unborn is an opportunity to repeat a simple truth: Any court decision, like Roe vs. Wade and others that affirm it, which say we have a right to do wrong, lack all juridical validity,” commented Fr. Frank Pavone, national director of Priests for Life..."
Hot Air has more on how the Republican vote went. I hope there are no more Supreme Court retirements or worse while President Obama is still in office.