Tuesday, July 6, 2010

The Liberal Contempt For The Unborn; They Oppose Any Choice That Does Not Kill The Baby

Trying to convince someone who says there are merely pro-choice is really tantamount to being pro-abortion is not easy but it is necessary. For in the end, being pro-choice necessitate that a pro-abortion public policy is implemented. This is the case because someone who vote for a politician who is also pro-choice will help bring about a political and cultural reality where any alternative to abortion is seen as something undesirable. An article from The Health Guide makes this undeniable (italics mine):
"Crisis pregnancy centers, also known as CPCs, are nonprofit organizations that are known as pregnancy resource centers. However, at a crisis pregnancy center there is a distinct way of thinking that mirrors the values and beliefs of those pro-life supporters who set up the center. Women who choose to go to a crisis pregnancy center will find the people working there will try to persuade her into giving birth rather than having an abortion, therefore ridding her of her power of choice...Counseling services that are typically offered by crisis pregnancy centers advise women not to have an abortion and promote alternative pregnancy decisions, like raising the child or putting he or she up for adoption. One way workers and counselors try to do so is to conduct sonograms to allow pregnant women to see the embryo inside the uterus, a way of guilting the expectant mother into making a decision that may not be right for her. This must work, because studies have shown that once a woman has seen her unborn child on an ultrasound, she can be convinced to remain pregnant even though she may have gone into the sonogram with a different idea...Many CPCs lie to their clients about false risks involved in an abortion that could push the client into making the choice that the pro-life supporters are pushing upon her..."
This attitude is pervasive among "pro-choice" Liberals. The science on the effects of abortion is clearly debatable. For every study that says there are health care issues for women who have an abortion, there is a study that says there are not. Notice why there is great opposition to having women see ultrasounds of their unborn baby, because the may choose to keep their baby. The irony of saying that pro-life CPC's take away a woman's choice is that the only choice they are willing to tolerate is the one that ends in the death of the unborn baby. This is more proof of how truly intolerant the Left is of anything that does not fit their dogmatic view of the world.

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