Sunday, June 6, 2010

Pro-Life Advocates Need To Be Wary Of Those Preaching "Social Justice"

Here is an excellent video of people from various faiths affirming their concern for "social justice".

The Liberal call to focus on "social justice" is really about minimizing dramatic and irreconcilable differences between various faiths. On the doctrinal front of this is Rick Warren who will go to Muslims and ask them to work together to fight his global giants rather than preach the exclusive Gospel of Jesus Christ to them.Jim Wallis is a major proponent of "social justice" but he completely ignores the plight of the unborn or they feign concern with speak about reducing the number of abortions while advancing abortion on the social policy front.

Someone cannot claim to be about "social justice" if they ignore one segment of humanity that is the most oppressed and defenseless we have ever seen, the unborn. The Christian Church is called to be wholly distinct, wholly separate from the world and this kind of Ecumenical interfaith call to good works is a way the world influences the Church, not the other way around.

HT: Christian Research Network

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