Saturday, April 10, 2010

New Mother Commits Infanticide In Fullerton

I do not like reading about how another mother has probably killed her newborn baby regardless of the supposed reason.
"Yanira Valderrama, 20, was taken into custody at her home, where she lives with her parents, the Fullerton Police Department said.

The case began when rescuers responded to a medical emergency at Valderrama's home Sept. 4 and took her to a hospital for treatment, police said. Doctors determined that she had just given birth.

Authorities returned to the home and found the newborn baby's body. An autopsy confirmed that the infant died from "blunt force" trauma to the head and "asphyxia while submerged in water," the police department said.

Officials say Valderrama was trying to conceal the pregnancy from her parents.
Valderrama is being charged with murder, child endangerment and inflicting great bodily injury while committing a felony, police said. She was booked at the Fullerton jail and then taken to Orange County Jail."
Why these women do not leave their baby at the fire department is beyond me. I think the devaluation of human life that Liberalism has caused shares a burden of the responsibility. Since women are made to feel that it is better to kill their unwanted child rather than to adopt, killing it just after birth is not a big deal.

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Sam said...

This is way we have the safe surrender law... I don't understand why they can't just take the baby to the fire station or hospital!

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