Monday, March 22, 2010

Stupak Betrays The Unborn And Votes For ObamaCare

The saga of Congressman Bart Stupak has shown us that once and for all that pro-life Democrats are a myth. Absolutely no one who takes their claim to being pro-life seriously could support the Democrat's pro-abortion health care agenda. Stupak is placing a lot of trust in President Obama's executive order to restrict the federal funding of abortion.

Life News is skeptical of the impact such an executive order will have. Here is Congressman Sensenbrenner questioning what power if any will be behind Obama's executive order.

And most egregious video comes from Stupak himself actually claiming we should thank the Democrats for standing for life and the protection of the unborn.

So now President Obama, a man who tolerated outright infanticide, is pro-life? So now the Democratic Party, that opposes any restriction on abortion, is pro-life? God help us.

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