Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Feminists Are Intolerant Of True Choice And Keep Women Ignorant About Abortion

I think the lack of focus on women adopting their unwanted babies reveals the moral failure of feminism. In a post today over at feministing, adoption does not even enter as an alternative to killing the unborn baby, rather the focus is on how to "be there" for the woman.
"Saturday morning came and went, and she had her abortion. She wasn't emotional about it; she had only recently discovered that she was pregnant, and felt no attachment to the fetus. She wasn't nervous or afraid; it wasn't her first abortion, and she knew what to expect. Nor had it been a difficult choice for her; she didn't feel ready, either emotionally or financially, to raise a child. An abortion was the obvious choice for her, and luckily, she was able to afford it (with some help from the father) and arrange an appointment early in her pregnancy.

On Saturday afternoon, I stopped by her place to find her in good spirits, bundled up on the couch watching TV. On my way over to her place, I wondered what the accepted protocol was for visiting someone who'd just had an abortion. I wanted to bring her flowers, or soup, or a magazine to read, or something, but none of those seemed appropriate. So I just gave her a hug.

The reason that none of those things seemed appropriate was that my friend wasn't sick, or grieving. She had had an abortion; an uncomplicated first trimester medical abortion, about which she was in no way conflicted or upset. I knew she didn't want comforting or moral support: she just wanted to sleep it off alone, and get back to work.

A few weeks ago, Heidi Fleiss, currently a contestant on Celebrity Big Brother in the UK, caused something of a controversy when she said on camera, "Thank God for abortion. I don't mean to offend anyone but I wouldn't be a good mother. I shouldn't have kids." Some found it refreshing to hear a woman speak so unapologetically about abortion; others found it shocking. Personally, I was surprised, upon hearing something that so totally deviated from the cultural script to which we expect women who have had abortions to adhere, by just how well I had internalized that script..."
Not a word about adoption. This is the mindset of the pro-abortion lobby that is dictating the Democratic Party's policies on abortion. They are pro-abortion because the only "choice" they will tolerate is the one that ends in the death of the unborn baby. This is why I have started a facebook group, to try and let women know that there is a right and good choice in regards to dealing with her unborn baby that does not involve killing it.

No wonder feminists do not want women to see an ultrasound of their unborn baby boy or girl. She will see her unborn baby's heart beat and even move around even though she may not feel it. Seems like feminists want to keep women ignorant about their "choice" to kill her unborn baby. Seems to me that such a choice is not really free since it is a choice based in ignorance and that it is the only choice feminists will tolerate.

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