Thursday, January 7, 2010

Abortion Will Be Funded In ObamaCare

This is what pro-abortion absolutists do, lie about what they are doing while claiming to seek common ground with the other side. It turns out that the Democrats are in fact seeking to fund abortion in ObamaCare.
"When House and Senate Democrats meet behind closed doors to iron out the final abortion funding language in the government-run health care bill, one prominent senator says they will likely keep the Senate language that allows states to force taxpayers to fund abortions.

Pennsylvania Sen. Bob Casey says in a new interview that the merged bill will contain the Nelson-Reid abortion funding language instead of the Stupak amendment.

While the Stupak amendment, which he House added to its legislation, prohibits abortion funding, the Nelson-Reid language does not.

Casey tells the Morning Call newspaper in an interview today that the discussion over which language to use "will be part of the debate in the conference."

"I thought we made, individuals like me and a few others made a lot of progress taking us from where we were in the original base bill to where we are today. For some, it is not good enough for some, and it will be a continual source of debate," Casey said.

Casey talked about his support for the compromise Nelson-Reid measure that he claims stops abortion funding even though it only allows states to opt-out, while others would force residents to pay for abortions under the bill..."
And President Obama's lie about funding abortion:

If we cannot trust them to keep their word to discuss ObamaCare before the public or not to fund abortion, then how can we trust their word about improving health care by taking it over?

HT: Gateway Pundit for video