Monday, November 9, 2009

Pro-Life Display May Cost Student Body President His Position At California School

Not only are those who claim to be pro-choice really pro-abortion, they also will not tolerate the pro-life view being recognized in public. Sacramento City College's student leaders, Steve Macias and Monica Guzman, may loose their positions for not censoring a pro-life groups display on campus.

"Sacramento City College recently celebrated Constitution Day, an annual celebration of the U.S. Constitution and free speech. The Genocide Awareness Project (GAP), a pro-life organization, requested and was granted a display space at the event. Steve Macias, 19-year-old Associated Student Government president, and Monica Guzman, student affairs commissioner, now risk losing their positions for refusing to kick the pro-life group off campus.

Macias explains the GAP had given a proposal a week prior to being granted the space. The governing body voted unanimously to allow GAP to have a presence on campus. Two days into the event, several pro-abortion groups began protesting the GAP display. That same day, the administration pulled Macias out of class and told him to force GAP to remove its display and leave campus. Macias refused, insisting that GAP had a right to have a presence on campus.

Both Macias and Guzman now face a recall led by several atheist and pro-abortion groups. It is a process in which both could lose their positions of leadership..."

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oncewasaprisonernowimfree said...

Bravo to Macias for staying strong when first approached by administration and told to make GAP leave campus. That had to be a difficult decision...we need more people like these two, who can make the "difficult" decision to do what is right.

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