Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jim Wallis Lies About Obama Care Covering Abortion And Babies Die

Liberal "Christian" and writer at Sojourners, Jim Wallis, is advancing the lie that Obama Care will not cover abortion. Wallis does this under the self righteous claim of truth telling in the Obama Care debate. But it has been proven that abortion will be a key part of any Democratic Party approved legislation. The Liberal influence in the Democratic Party will make sure they advance the cause of abortion any way they can. What else are we to expect from pro-abortion absolutists? Even more alarming is that we are now learning that Democrats will seek to provide abortion options to your children while they are at school.

"In Title V of H.R. 3200, Subtitle B, called School-Based Health Clinics, outlines a new federal program where the government would fund health clinics near or in the nation's public schools.

However, Section 399Z indicates that school officials won't be responsible for administering the clinics. Instead, that responsibility falls to the clinic sponsor, which could be Planned Parenthood -- the nation's largest abortion business which does more than 350,000 a year.

The section says "the SBHC sponsoring facility assumes all responsibility for the SBHC administration, operations, and oversight." Under the bill, a "sponsoring facility" is "a hospital, a public health department, a community health center, a nonprofit health care agency, (or) a local educational agency."

Victor Medina, writing in an opinion column for the Dallas Republican Examiner, is worried about the practical effect of the language.

"Such broad wording outlining the qualifications for government funds and access to schoolchildren could open the door for groups like Planned Parenthood to operate the clinics in schools with no oversight and full federal government support," he says.

"The clinics would be funded by federal grants awarded by the Obama administration, which has made it clear that they expect Planned Parenthood to play an active role in their proposed health care system," he says.

Medina says he is not surprised that Planned Parenthood is included in the bill and could be given unprecedented access to teenagers and pre-teens to promote abortion..."

So, no, Mr. Wallis, you are not telling the truth about the centrality of abortion in Obama Care. I guess I should not expect much from someone who already ignored Obama's previous tolerance of outright infanticide as a state Senator.


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You are all full of bull cookies.

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